Castle Crashers Characters

Castle Crashers Characters


Castle Crashers Characters

By Jason Bourne & Veritas

Castle Crashers is one of the best and most fun games to be released this generation largely due to the Castle Crasher Characters. It does not matter if it is Castle Crashers for Xbox, Castle Crashers for PC or Castle Crashers for PS3, the game is a blast. Taking your Castle Crashers Knight through the game with their over the top Castle Crasher Weapons is a great adventure. No matter which Castle Crashers character you choose, you will enjoy the trip. One of the more interesting things about the game is that even though there is no dialogue, we really forge a connection with each of the Castle Crashers characters.

Castle Crashers CharactersThe game Castle Crashers has many awesome characters and here we take a look at some of the best Castle Crashers characters.

Castle Crashers Characters : Red Knight

This is the guy many probably pick when for a first playthrough of Castle Crashers. Truth be told, most of the original characters are the best in the game. Red Knight has electric based magic and he will start off with an awesome mace.

Castle Crashers Characters : Blue Knight

Red and Blue Knight were my usual choices when I started out playing the game Castle Crashers. He is very similar to Red, except he has ice based magic and a sword as his weapon.

Castle Crashers Characters : The Alien

Even though this is not really a Castle Crashers character, he is still fun to choose despite having really lousy health. There is just something great about this little guy. You do need to have the game Alien Hominid to unlock this Castle Crashers Knight, if we can call him that.

Castle Crashers Characters : Necromancer

Necromancer is one of the Castle Crashers bosses who was made a playable character through a DLC expansion pack. This guy just has the look of a total badass and he is a great deal of fun to use.

Castle Crashers Characters : Snakey

Snakey is a tough Castle Crasher character to unlock. You need to beat the game as the thief to get him, but is worth it as there is just something so cool about this guy. It is said that he is the arch nemesis of the Green Castle Crashers Knight.

Castle Crashers Characters : Corn Boss

How can you not love the total randomness of this guy? The Corn Boss is one of the easiest bosses in Castle Crashers since you can eat the popcorn he drops to get some health back. He has a evil hillbilly, corn look to him and, yes, I know that description does not make any sense.

Castle Crashers Characters : Barbarian Boss

The Barbarian Boss is the first one you encounter in Castle Crashers and he does a great job in setting the tone for the game. He is actually really easy to beat, but as he is the first one you encounter he has to be on here.

Castle Crashers Characters : Undead Cone Head Groom

I love this guy. He actually appears twice in Castle Crashers. Once during a wedding scene and again as an undead puppet used by the Cyclops. Castle Crashers characters are very odd and this gentleman certainly is near the top of the list.

Castle Crashers Characters : Pipistrello

Pipistrello is a big, fat, giant bat who takes exception when the Castle Crashers Knights crash into his cave. He has this gormless look to him while he tries to attack you with his giant tongue.

Castle Crashers Characters : Dragon With Sock Puppet

Dragon With Sock Puppet may sound silly, but this is one of the toughest Castle Crashers Bosses. Do not let his sock puppet fool you, it can withstand any thing your Castle Crashers Knight can throw at him. Not only is this dragon tough, thanks to his sock puppet, we learn that he has a interest in arts and crafts. Castle Crashers Characters 101.

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