My Addiction To Xbox 360 Achievements and PSN Trophies

My Addiction To Xbox 360 Achievements and PSN Trophies

Xbox 360 Achievement and PSN Trophies

Hello, I am Jiwe and I have a confession to make: I am an addict (to Xbox 360 Achievements). I let the addiction take control over part of my life. It forced me to do things I did not want to do. But today, I stand tall and proudly say “I am better now, I am in control now.” I am Jewi and I am addicted to Xbox 360 achievements and PSN Trophies, but  soon I will be completely clean.

xbox 360 achievementsAchievements for Xbox 360, or PSN Trophies or gamerscore, are a genius invention designed to keep obsessive players glued to a game. It manipulates them, driving them for hours just for the satisfaction of hearing a *pling* followed by a message informing them that they have earned “20 points for collecting the 1000th potato!” Of course, it would be unfair not to recognize that there are easy achievements, hard achievements, good and bad achievements to be chased.

The Good Xbox 360 Achievement

Are integrated with the flow of the game. They allow travel outside the main quest and let the player discover new information about the game, or its characters, or even its lore. Finding interesting side missions is rewarding and certainly adds to the replay value. Easter eggs are a fun nod to the fans. There are many rewards for those with the courage and desire to explore. Bioshock should get an award just for this, their collectible audio recorders are psn trophieson the top of the list for their storytelling value. The joy at finding secret additions, emphasized by the pop up achievement message, can really make a player keep on going.

The bad achievements, on the other hand, are pointless, costing players hours for minimal or no rewards other than performing the boring task. LA Noire’s Film Reels and Assassin’s Creed’s Flags come to mind. These games have an incredible story and were a new concept for the gaming industry in their time but these quests just felt unnecessary, much like AC’s milking of Ezio and his group for follow up entries. Whoever thought that hiding hundreds of flags across big cities would have players joyfully running around collecting them has either a twisted definition of fun or a twisted sense of humor. “Yes! Run, my little minions! Collect the flags whilst I feed upon your delicious souls!” In fact, it could very well be the work of Satan himself, but I have not the time to explain that theory now. Some might argue that the bad achievements can just be ignored, that they do not really interrupt the story. But what of the ones that cannot be ignored? The ones far worse, the ones that haunt the mind, the ones that run past a decent bedtime?

The worst kind of Xbox 360 achievements are the “nearly complete” achievements. These are often found in multiplayer and involve tasks such as, “Perform five headshots in a row with the sniper rifle without dying.” Surely your familiar with Xbox 360 Achievements in Call of Duty Black Ops. At first, the instinct is to ignore it, put it on the maybe pile. They are a not a priority, one might do them, one might not. Later on, after hours of running around killing stuff, suddenly a fourth headshot occurs and the brain says, “hey, one more headshot and that achievement is compete.” A little camping in a corner, just one headshot, no problem. But it rarely comes before the game is finished. Or worse, needlessly running around with a sniper rifle trying to get that fifth shot only to end up killed by a noob with a shotgun. Afterwards, there is only disappointment, anger, frustration and a need to play again and again for that one Xbox 360 achievement or PSN Trophy. “Oh my precious. My precious, PRECIOUS Xbox 360 Achievements and PSN Trophies”… There is no one to blame for the stupidity but ourselves.

Achievements can be the work of the devil. The joy and happiness experienced when that achievement finally comes is enough to keep us going and going, regardless of exhaustion. It can quickly become an addiction. Because like the old Pokémon saying goes, “I’m gonna catch em’all!”

xbox 360 achievements

By Jiwe

*pling*  Xbox 360 Achievement (Make Your Confession 25G).

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