Resident Evil 6: Zombies Go Global

Resident Evil 6

Capcom’s beloved Resident Evil series has been evolving over the last installments. What used to be a tense tale of survival horror is becoming more of a hectic run and shoot dash through hell. Many things have changed in the newest entry and some may be surprised to find Resident Evil ranked among the best Xbox 360 shooter gamesPS3 and PC starting October 2nd. Yes, long time fans of the classic role playing game, Resident Evil will be more of a shooter game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Enter Resident Evil 6.

Players may begin in any of the three intersecting story arcs. In Resident Evil 6 Leon and Helena continue their run after Leon has shot the President of the United States, who had turned zombie. In this arc, the main antagonist is introduced, one familiar to fans of the series: Ada Wong. Another path has Chris Redfield and his outfit, including new partner Piers Nivans, dropped off in China to battle the bioterrorism outbreak. It opens with a depressed Chris drowning in alcohol as a concerned Piers seeks to get him back on his feet and into the war effort. His depression is caused by Ada but it is unclear how. There is also some conflict with Leon that is sure to add to the story. In battling the virus, one hope is Jake Muller, a new addition who enjoys complete immunity to the virus, and seeking to obtain the secret of his immunity is Sherry Birkin (from RE 2). Jake is happy to sell his blood for research and while he may seem a smartass opportunist, he shows a human side as he looks after Sherry when they are caught in tight situations in what looks to be Eastern Europe.

Resident Evil 6 Co-Op

All three stories can be played alone or in co-op, locally or through online play. The AI in RE 5 left fans desiring for better and, while Capcom is promising a smarter partner, the option for a second human player is a welcome feature. In Resident Evil 6, when the story lines cross, the game expands to up to four player co-op. Partners who do not burn through clips is not the only improvement to the AI. Enemies employ better tactics in their hunts, flanking and using cover accordingly, while some can heal themselves and partners in their group. A particular enemy, the Ustanak, is an imposing giant of zombie and robot composition. On its back it carries a cage in which to place captured players, which in turn act as shields adding a new tactic to the mix. The giant seems to be under the direct control of the always scantily clad Ada, leaving one to wonder what new virus is allowing control instead of just reckless destruction.

The series is indeed moving away from the scary exploration and set camera angles of the initial games. Puzzles are almost completely gone, little Resident Evil 6searching for statues or keys or specific items to advance the mission. A red laser sight in the middle of the screen is the targeting reticle, part of a fully movable, 360 degree, shoot while not rooted to the ground system. There are now prompts on what to do next displayed on-screen. A distance marker moves about the view showing the player where to go. These Resident Evil 6 changes might leave some sighing for the old days of puzzling their way out of decrepit towns flavored with jump scares in a lonely zombie land. The changes might also bring shooter fans into the fold with the dynamic combat. Sadly, the complete game has been leaked, but from what has been seen, Resident Evil 6 can still make a pulse run wild, just in a different way. Resident Evil 6′s reputation certainly earns it a playthrough and fan reception will tell if this evolution is the way to go.


Resident Evil 6 By Veritas.

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