Remember Me: Memory as a Weapon

Remember Me: Memory as a Weapon

Remember Me: Memory as a Weapon

Memory is an integral part of the human psyche. From it, guidance may be derived for the path to follow based on previous experiences. Solace can be gleamed from evoking a happy event. Memory dictates to whom we are loyal and for whom we hold an enmity  It is the unassailable keep which makes up individuality. It is sacred, inviolate and deeply personal. At least until visiting Nilin’s world in Dontnod Entertainment’s newest entry: Remember Me.

Remember me is set in a futuristic, dystopian Paris, this new adventure revolves around memory alteration and trade. In the game world, secrets are only private until someone goes rooting in someone else’s memory. The population is under ever present surveillance and privacy is not as private anymore, which is a familiar feeling these days. While the memory capture tech is used to store fun and happy memories by honest people, it leaves the door open for more unethical uses. Nilin is a gun for hire, so to speak, tasked with retrieving memories or shaping them for a desired effect, which may be under suspicious circumstances and for even darker ends.

In the Remember Me gameplay trailer, Nilin gets the mission to eliminate a troublesome enemy. She seems shocked when she thinks she is being asked to kill, showing she is not really an assassin. Once she is assured she is not killing anyone, she proceeds to her objective. Parkour runs are a good way to get around the constant surveillance by robots scanning the streets. After locating the target, a prompt appears for remixing the memory. The reminiscence plays a heated fight between the inebriated man and his wife, ending with her walking out on him, as he remembers it. It then rewinds and becomes an interactive setting where, through trial and error, Nilin shapes the events to make the victim think he killed his wife in a drunken accident. As he recalls the scrubbed events, he shoots himself out of guilt and fear of his perceived crime. His wife and a guard walk in to find his limp corpse as Nilin hangs outside, an uneasy feeling dawning on her face.

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While she is not a killer by definition, she does have fighting skills. The combat sequences look similar to contemporary games where targetting is contextual instead of button mashing to a win. The platforming sequences have a cinematic feel to them as Nilin hangs from crumbling awnings and roll jumps past traps and enemies. The parkour runs flow well, allowing for hiding and evading, as well as setting up attacks and thefts. After someone wipes Nilin’s memory, the combat becomes pivotal as she is pursued by an unknown enemy while she tries to piece together her past and the reasons for her reconstruction. The bulk of the game revolves around her search for reasons for the hunt.

The game Remember Me Has Gone A Title Rewrite Since It Was First Revealed

The graphics look great but they may see some tweaks. No word yet if there will be a multiplayer aspect added. Some people point out that the premise rings of movies like Total Recall and Minority Report. The combat and platforming evoke a Batman or an Uncharted. Some are just shocked that Capcom is releasing a brand new IP. As more trailers get released, hopefully the game will show what separates it from the aforementioned favorites. Certainly sounds promising to be able to change minds by changing an event in someone’s head. The repercussions of such changes might offer an interesting dynamic of the events to follow, perhaps providing different endings which would add to the replay value. It is worth a try, it might just change minds.


Remember Me By Veritas.

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