Radiant Silvergun Review

Radiant Silvergun Review

Radiant Silvergun


This is a remake of a Sega Saturn game that was released in 1998. Treasure, the developer behind this game, has released hit after hit shooter games for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It was decided that while the game would be re-mastered in HD, players could still have the game look like the old Saturn version if they wanted.

Radiant Silvergun Presentation

Even back on the Sega Mega Drive, Treasure made shooters that were absolute eye candy and this one is certainly no different. All the sprites, rather than just being upscaled into HD, have been redrawn and given a ton of funky effects that make them look amazing. You can turn these extra effects off, if you so wish. Even in its original state the game looks great.

All the cutscenes that were featured on the Sega Saturn are here and, like before, they look amazing. Treasure knows how to make a great looking game and this sure as heck shows it. It is great to watch someone else play this as you can see all the details of the levels that you may miss when you are engrossed in the gameplay.

Radiant Silvergun Gameplay

Radiant Silvergun is a scrolling shooter. This is something that Treasure arguably does better than anyone else. What is really cool about this remake is that, while it has been given a nice coat of paint, they have not really messed with the gameplay.

You may have played shooters before but this one is different from the rest. You can use seven awesome weapons but it is not as simple as just hitting the shoot button. You have to press different combinations in order to use certain weapons. You can level these weapons up to make them more powerful as you progress through the game. Be warned, that like many shooters from this era, the game is hard as nails and you will need lightning-quick reflexes to get to the end.

radiant silvergun

One fun feature that was included with this remake is the ability to play online co-op. It adds a little bit more excitement when you are playing with a buddy. There is not a ton of game modes but what the game does have is some great shooting action that will keep you happy. Its good that they kept true to the Sega Saturn version but a few more game modes would not have hurt.

Radiant Silvergun Final Thoughts

In all, this is a fantastic shooter game for Xbox 360. Some may be put of by the difficulty but for those who like these old school style games that take no prisoners this is the game for you. I appreciate the time and effort spent on making the game look great but a few extra game modes would have really helped the longevity of the game. This game add variety to the best Xbox 360 shooter games group.

Final Score


Radiant Silvergun By Jason Bourne.


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