Agent 47 Makes A Bloody Return In Hitman: Absolution

Hitman Absolution

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Best Xbox 360 Shooters Hitman Absolution

Fans have been waiting long for one of the classic stealth shooter games for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC to issue a follow up to the Hitman series. Developer IO Interactive has set November 20th as the release date for the fifth installment in their popular series. Agent 47 is back to join the ranks of Xbox 360 shooter games, and is embroiled in a bloody mess. IO promises the game will be more accessible to new players but retain the hardcore mechanics that have made Hitman one of the top stealth first person shooters for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Hitman absolutionHitman’s objectives can be tackled in various ways, a feature that allows for maximum replay value. Whether Hitman Agent 47 uses stealthy, surgically precise kills or spectacular, guns blazing destruction, is up to the player. In the King of Chinatown trailer, the player walks through a very crowded market looking for his target and the dealer he is meeting. The characters in the market are all fully realized, all with conversations and animations that make for an immerse, deep, experience full of great hiding spots. Upon locating the King of Chinatown and the dealer, Agent 47 has options for carrying out the hit. For those who like a show, drawing the guns and shooting the King in public is the way to go. He is guarded by five cops that will ensure a lively gun battle. A room above the market provides an open window for snipers, too many shots will draw return fire while few can make for a clean getaway. If absolute stealth is preferred, players can take out the guy guarding the King’s car, hit the car to activate the alarm and then eliminate the target when he comes to investigate. Alternatively, follow the dealer to where he hides the drugs, eliminate him, take his clothes and lure the King to a less visible place. Even easier, poison the drugs before handing them over and watch him die from afar. Agent 47 can use Instinct, a xbox 360 shootersmechanic similar to Eagle Sense in Assassin’s Creed or Detective Mode in Batman, to facilitate the tasks.

While there is not a traditional multi-player aspect to Hitman Absolution, there is some collaboration between players. Leader boards allow players to see where they rank in score compared to friends and specific countries. The asynchronous multiplayer in Hitman Absolution works by letting players design missions. In any given level, the player may choose to kill three specific targets. Mission design will stipulate the weapons to be used, as well as parameters such as time limits and equipment to be worn. Successful completion of the missions in Hitman Absolution will earn the players money used to further upgrade their equipment and create more challenges for the community. Beating assignments in less time and more efficiently will earn extra currency. The best missions will be featured weekly on dedicated servers for players to complete. For those without online play, Hitman Absolution xbox 360 shooterswill come preloaded with some developer missions. Playing through the campaign will provide the currency for upgrades. Pre-ordering has its perks and according to the source supplying the game, players can get various weapons and suits for creating challenges immediately.

Six years is along time between games. A lot has changed since Hitman: Blood Money in 2006. Top tier graphics, involving story lines and multi-player are expected of games now. Hitman surely looks to deliver on all fronts and we have high hopes it will bring some stealth diversity expect it to be ranked as a best shooter for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC for the discerning gamer. The company did suffer a PR setback with their release of their Saints trailer, featuring some scantily clad vixens in nun habits and fully automatic rifles. Allegations of sexism arose and the company quickly apologized, stating that they in now way intended to offend anyone. Luckily for IO Interactive, Hitman fans are loyal and controversy is not new to the violent series. The release of this new entry has them all waiting eagerly for the next turn in the life of Agent 47 in Hitman Absolution.

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