Warface: Crisp Graphics, Fluid Shooting Gameplay, Free To Play?

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By Veritas

When considering top tier shooter games for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, Crysis is right at the top and it’s bringing a new entry, Warface. Developer Crytek has crafted a popular series in Crysis and now they seek to bring their skills to an often ignored market: free games, in the form of Warface. The idea that free games provide little to see as there is no monetary incentive is not one shared by Crytek CEO Cervat Yerli. In fact, the man believes free-to-play is the next facet of games. Warface is an attempt at a free game that may just win even seasoned FPS fans over. While it may not have the complex leveling and teamwork of Call of Duty and Battlefield, combat in Warface can hold its own against the best shooters for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

warfaceThe term “free games” may evoke the kind of games one might see on Facebook, not a first person shooter game for Xbox 360. Rush jobs with sub par graphics and shallow premises. Light games that require real money for digital items and spam timelines with unwelcome notifications about the casual gamers playing them. Warface does not fall entirely in that group. Cry Engine 3 runs the stunning graphics for Warface. Explosions, character models, and sound are incredible for a free game. Warface provides the depth of combat, diverse weaponry and smart AI that are tight and engaging. Crysis vets will feel right at home with the instant weapons customizing in Warface. Regulars of FPS, PS3, PC & Xbox 360 shooter games will be familiar with the buddy boosts and classes available for selection: Sniper, Medic, Rifleman and Engineer. in Warface, fighting against tanks and giant mech suits require tactics casual gamers may not have.

Upon going live, Warface will have a new map available every day for a determined period. The lenghty missions vary in difficulty and Crytek’s pace through each seems balanced and fun to complete. Solid shooting mechanics and a rewarding combo system polish off the experience. Teamwork is heavily encouraged in Warface, more so than other FPSs. Rushing in to fights is likely death and being too far from a Medic is sure death, and that is part of the idea in Warface. Staying close to the Rifleman will provide ammunition refills and using the Engineer’s claymore mines to thin incoming crowds beats fighting them alone. However, in case the team does separate, players can use an innovative slide for getting behind structures or below moving vehicles. Movable cover is another feature for dealing with a heavy number of foes while returning to the group. In Warface, teams can collaborate in PVE and also fight in PVP matches, which can have up to 16 players.


Warface is already live in Russia and coming to the U. S. in the winter for the PC crowd. While it is absolutely free-to-play, there is an option to best xbox 360 shootersbuy that desired piece of equipment without grinding currency in the game. All the gear is available to all the players for free if they wish to save up resources to get it. As great as it looks, it would be no surprise if players get caught up playing long sessions. Rumors have the Warface possibly being ported to consoles, which would sure put it among the best free PS3 and Xbox 360 shooter games. While the Warface may not completely satisfy CoD and Battlefield lovers, it is a worth a try. After all, no money has to be lost. Nothing beats good and free, especially with a game as promising as Warface.

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  • wtf is this

    The only good Crysis game was the first. Everything after that was a waste of time. This guy doesn’t know video games =-=

  • schweethome

    Looks ace! Hard to believe it’s f2p.
    Oh, and I’m almost certain that’s Queen Myrrah doing the voiceover. :-/

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