Are Video Games ‘Works Of Satan’ ?

Are Video Games ‘Works Of Satan’ ?


Unlike most children I was never restricted on anything I did as a kid. If I wanted to dig a hole to China, which I attempted, my parents didn’t care. (Although I can’t say the same for my uncle who stumbled into said hole drunk and was forced to spend his night there.) Stay up all night? Sure! As long as I made it to school the next day. In fact I received my first gun when I was only seven. Needless to say my childhood was quite liberal. Now whether it was because my parents trusted me or if they just didn’t care I have yet to figure out.

are video games evil ludos mundiWith so much free reign it was inevitable that I began playing video games the media had branded as “Works of Satan”; specifically the Grand Theft Auto series. My dad would watch as I played, and laugh at the ridiculousness of the game. He didn’t care that I was selling drugs, killing people, or picking up hookers. He thought it was hilarious! I wish I could say the same of all parents. Many of my peer’s mothers and fathers refused to allow their child anywhere near the game. “The risks were too great” or “I don’t want my son repeating such barbaric behavior”, I heard all their reasons. Now I’m no expert on child care, but if your child is so easily influenced that killing someone on a video game gives them a desire to end someone’s life in reality you need to reevaluate your abilities as a parent. Perhaps letting your kid make a decision for themselves would give them a solid foundation to create the person they would like to become.

are video games evil ludos mundiHow could a parent expect a child to become independent if all their choices are made for them?  The logic behind raising a kid in this manner is so counterproductive it’s unreal. How about explaining to your kids why the game is bad, giving them your reasoning as to why you don’t want them to play it, and then letting them decide if they pick up the controller or not. I can almost guarantee they will side with you. Just let them make the choice! Or you can go the other route and realize it’s just a video game! My parents did and I turned out just fine, a little socially awkward but hey that’s cool nowadays.

While I am on this rant I must share quite possibly the most ridiculous article I have ever read. A few weeks ago I was perusing the internet looking for Triforce tattoo’s when I came across a story titled: Bared Skin Zelda Tattoo Girls – Is This Your Daughter on Facebook? and with a title like that not reading it was out of the question. Upon further investigation I realized this article was published on a Christian website, I am a Christian myself and put simply articles like this make are video games evil ludos mundipeople hate us. The author, Thad Connely, has done little research if any into the subject he was reporting on. In fact the first sentence reads, “The Legend of Zelda is a demonic video games series that follows the path of a young sorcerer named Zelda, as he uses witchcraft and a Satanic blade to violently murder various creatures.” There are a total of five false statements in the first sentence. I say to you Mr. Connely, as the devout Christian you obviously are.  How can you in good conscience blatantly lie to the world? I ask you, what is the greater evil? Allowing a child to escape reality with a video game or feeding lies to the masses?  Almost 1,500 people have liked this article on Facebook! My blood simply boils at the thought of a child missing out on The Legend of Zelda because of your inability to spread the light of truth. You sir need to take a look in the mirror and realize your misdeeds before you condemn others. However, I am certain you are too busy protecting the world from evil to have the time. I couldn’t even finish the article, it was ridiculous. I will provide a link to it just so everyone who is educated on the gaming industry can read it and laugh at the absurdity.

The various forms of media have, and always will, spread lies and negativity. As with any outlet the product of their use depends on the individual. As matured gamers it is our responsibility to are video games evil ludos mundieducate the public about the positive connotations associated with gaming. We owe it to the young guy’s. Imagine your childhood if you were denied The Legend of Zelda. The early years of your life set the groundwork for who you will become. Let us not rob the youth of the wonderful experience of Video Games. I assure anyone reading this playing a video game will never alter a person’s personality or demeanor. To blame a video game for an act of violence, change of emotional state, or anti-religious propaganda  is nothing but a cheap excuse of a coward or uneducated fool. Keep your blade sharp, but your mind sharper my friends.

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