Assassin’s Creed III: Fighting for Freedom

Assassin’s Creed III: Fighting for Freedom

Assassin’s Creed III


Assassin’s Creed III: Fighting for Freedom

By Veritas

Ubisoft is set to release the next episode of their Assassin’s Creed series. Continuing Desmond’s adventure, the Assassins versus Templars conflict moves to a new stage: America’s War of Independence. This being a numbered title, there is a new protagonist, Connor Kenway. His story certainly looks engaging by the glimpses of major historical figures like George Washington, General Lafayette and King George III. Ubisoft has stated that this is the biggest game in the Assassin’s Creed series yet and all are eager to see the impact the half-Native American, half-English Connor will have on history.

Ludos Mundi Assassin's Creed 3The brand new game engine, AnvilNext, provides massive fields of thousands of NPCs throughout Assassin’s Creed. The added power makes weather an important factor to consider in battles. While Connor is seen doing the familiar parkour runs, he can also, finally, climb trees, scale cliff faces and slide under wagons, all with very detailed animations. The weapons overhaul shows Connor sporting an Assassin’s A-shaped tomahawk, a bow and arrows and flintlock pistols. The Hidden Blades are still there but the ferocious assassinations shown with the tomahawk and bayonet might see the blades underused. The enemy lock-on is gone and a more contextual targeting is in, enabling human shields, multiple takedowns and dynamic dual wielding. Connor is able to pick up weapons on the fly, taking them from live or fallen enemies or nearby weapon racks. The tactic of cover in Assassin’s Creed 3 is used not just to avoid the new firearms but also to set up some assassinations.

Exploring the land has always been a major part of Assassin’s Creed. Side missions and quests as well as hidden treasures have consistently rewarded the curiousLudos Mundi Assassin's Creed III and daring. In Assassin’s Creed¬† III, the colonies and the wilderness look to be fully developed. There is a scene of a battle at sea which might indicate that ships will allow travel between the major areas like New York, Boston, Connor’s Mohawk village and the expansive American Frontier. In the cities, Connor can summon for help through tricky spots to investigate new areas. Out in the wilderness, running on the tree tops helps in accessing sections for stealthy attacks. Traversing the unexplored, tree-covered territory looks to be an important aspect of the story.

The multiplayer aspect is being kept tightly under wraps but some modes are known. Wolf Pack has up to four players teaming up to kill NPCs in a determined amount of time. Domination has assassins capturing certain map areas and then successfully defending them. There are various Animi Avatars for usage such as the semi-exclusive Sharpshooter, a Night Stalker, a Lady Maverick and a Carpenter. The few co-op maps that are known include Boston Harbor and Fort Wolcott. Ludos Mundi Assassin's Creed IIIExtra multiplayer maps will be available in some of the various editions being released. Fans can acquire many other extras like a Connor figurine, a Colonial Flag, exclusive missions, an Assassin’s Medallion and even a belt buckle.

The consoles will see the release on October 31st while PC will get it in November. Fans await a fresh adventure away from AC II’s story. Getting to play in America, to fight for autonomy alongside the Founding Fathers, will surely resonate with fans and history buffs alike. Finding the connections to the Assassins and the Templars in the new context adds a new spin to the series. Learning why Connor is siding with the Americans when typically Native Americans sided with the British against Colonial Expansion, how he seeks to protect freedom in a land that singles out his Native American blood, promises a thrilling journey. The struggle for liberty, equality and justice and the birth of a great nation in Assassin’s Creed III are sure to keep everyone glued to the controller.

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    assassins creed is ok but its very repetitive once you kill the first boss the rest of the game is the same thing over and overCOD4 is great great story, awmseoe multi-player, COD6 is about to come out and its the sequel to COD4COD5 is more for the old war gamers you’ll have more perks than 4 and you’ll have Nazi Zombies but i still prefer 4Was this answer helpful?

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