Halo 4: John-117 aka ‘Master Chief’ Returns

Halo 4: John-117 aka ‘Master Chief’ Returns


Arguably among the best Xbox 360 shooter games in history, Halo is coming back in force. Fans of the series since the start cannot wait to once again play as the man, John-117, Master Chief. While there may be some hesitation as to the change at the helm, from Bungie to 343 Industries, the continuation of the series shows a well thought out depth. The first of a new trilogy, Halo 4 picks up a few years after the events of Halo 3, exploring the aftermath of the Covenant war. Despite the plethora of Xbox 360 shooter games and first person shooter games for the xbox 360, Halo 4 will show up as the new standard and the best shooter for Xbox 360.

halo 4, best xbox 360 shooter gamesThe story will develop more through exploration than run and shoot to victory; the mechanics are still there, just expanded upon. The linear nature of the games has not been ignored by either detractors or fans, something 343 is changing. The state of affairs Halo 4 depicts will involve the player more in how humanity has adapted to post war life. An important facet of it is revealing what occurred to Master Chief and Cortana turning “rampant”. The physical changes to both characters may be directly related to these specific experiences. The developers include more ties with the the novels Halo: Primordium and Halo: Glasslands, as well as Halo: Combat Evolved, streamlining the Halo universe.

The implementation of Forerunner technology is front and center in combat. The new enemies showcased are looking to push the skills of new and veteran players. The Prometheans are varied but three specific examples give off an idea of what to expect. The commanding Knight units, some of which can teleport, feature fast firepower and movement as well as light shields that demand precise shooting to negotiate. Knights also launch Watchers which heal and buff the enemy and may return thrown grenades. The Crawlers can quickly change their position and can be overwhelming in mass as they are well rounded in all combat ranges. Players have their work cut out for them in the most awaited of Xbox 360 shooter games.

The multiplayer co-op, Spartan Ops, will be available upon launch, even though it occurs after the game’s main campaign. Released as weekly episodes, the missions will be in maps different from the campaign. The objectives will be varied and include the new enemies as well as familiar foes. Players can create their own Spartan, spending their points in various practical and aesthetic upgrades. The pace of the new co-op looks to make the vets feel right at home. Buyers of the Limited Edition will get extra perks such as early access to some maps, items for their Xbox 360 avatars and Spartans and an extended version of the live action Forward Unto Dawn.

It is not Bungie making it, a fact that may make some fans avoid the game. But from what can be seen so far, 343′s vision can keep the vets and bring in new members. Halo 4 is made as the first installment of a trilogy. How it measures up to the original will be determined after its release on November 6th. The expectations of the fans and the ever present bottom line have not daunted 343. Among all the shooter games for Xbox 360, the experience Halo 4 seeks to share is not one to be quickly dismissed.

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