5 Innovations in Black Ops 2


Developer Treyarch is back to consolidate it’s position as developer of the best first person shooter games for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This installment is slated to rank among the best xbox 360 shooter games in both sales and playability. The original Black Ops still stands as one of the fastest selling as well as one of the highest selling video games of all time. Shooter games for Xbox 360 are a dime a dozen but the Call of Duty franchise has seen many different improvements over the past several years and has been revitalized by several different developers in several different series. Black Ops 2 is going to attempt to shake up the world of CoD once again and make some true innovations to the playing style to the multi-console shooter to beat.

1. A featured innovation that has been reported for the new BLOPS game is the improvement of the perks system. In the best-selling Black Ops, there were plenty of perks that could be unlocked throughout the course of the multi player game experience. Call of Duty Elite members have recently risen to ranks in the leader boards. Buying the Call of Duty Elite membership gives players extra content, access to their profiles online and allows for the pre-purchase of map packs. In Black Ops 2, Elite members will have access to different perks that cannot be unlocked by regular players. This may lead to more people opting into Elite memberships for Black Ops 2.

2. Another addition that has been rumored for Black Ops 2 is multiple endings in the campaign. Black Ops is known as one of the best games because of its intense campaign action and although the campaign was extremely short it did have an excellent story. This story is back in Black Ops 2 and now players will experience different endings depending on the choices they make throughout the course of the campaign.

cod black ops 2 best xbox 360 shooters3. A new kill streak known as “The Claw” is rumored to be one of the new and interesting kill streaks available in Black Ops 2. This is an armored walker that comes with heavy firepower, a cannon on the front and heavy tread on the top. It is comparable to a tank and there is no word yet on whether or not it is controllable through the course of a kill streak. If true, this unlikely kill streak could allow players to truly dominate in online play.

4. Zombie mode has also been edited. This edition for Black Ops 2 looks to be a fine addition to the game. The zombie mode has been promised to be larger than ever before and to offer special multi player action. This could mean that players can truly have a much more immersive zombie experience in the new game, increasing the replay value and adding to the fun. 

5. The developers have brought back combat training. This will help new players grow acclimated to the online experience and help them to become better players in online gaming. CoD has always been extremely tough online and creating more balanced matchmaking systems is one of the new innovations for Black Ops 2. Between now and its November 13 release date, there are sure to be more interesting additions to be revealed for Black Ops 2 as the weeks progress. The game is shaping up to continue the dominance of Call of Duty in the shooter genre.

Treyarch is betting that these changes will ensure Black Ops 2 will be the best of the Xbox 360 shooter games, and the best shooter for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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