Top 5 Star Wars Games

Top 5 Star Wars Games


I love video games and I love Star Wars. Really when you think about it Star Wars is a licence that in theory should just produce great game after great game. While there are some fantastic Star Wars games out there. Sadly there are also some that are just terrible. I wanted to share my top 5 Star Wars games with you guys.

5: Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2 (GameCube) 2002

This game has a great pedigree with the original Rogue Squadron on the Nintendo 64 being a huge fan favorite. The expectations were very high for this game, and it was the only game I picked up with my GameCube on launch back in 2002 here in the UK.

Despite being one of the very first games to be released on the console it still looks amazing. Even in the dying days of the GameCube this was easily one of the best looking games on the system. Even before you have any actual game play there is movie footage playing in the menu screens. I just go crazy for stuff like this. All of the space ships look amazing, and no detail has been left out in recreating them for this game, but that is not all. As good as they look when they are flying they look even better when you blow them up. The explosions will leave you in awe.

In terms of game play I feel like this is the game that Star Fox should have been. With that being said I always used to pretend I was playing Star Wars back in the days of Star Fox on the SNES in the space levels. Anyway the controls are very tight, and even if you are not a fan of flight games you will be able to figure it out. Many people say the game is unfairly hard, and I would have to disagree with that. This game is very tough, but if you stick it out you are in for a real treat. You really will feel like you are Luke Skywalker.

Super Star Wars (SNES) 19924: Super Star Wars (SNES) 1992

This was kind of tough as in truth the whole trilogy on the Super Nintendo are fantastic games, but I opted for this first entry in the series. Leading up to this all I had played was the arcade, ZX Spectrum and NES Star Wars so the leap to this was huge, and it certainly blew me away. Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi were great games, but this one had the WOW factor for me more than those two.

From a presentational point of view the people at Lucas Arts really out did themselves. This game looks and sounds phenomenal. I can still vividly remember hearing the Star Wars theme in all its 16-bit glory basting out of the mono speaker on my 14inch portable TV for the first time. Every level in this game is pure eye candy. The game’s story is told by cut scenes, and while they do take a few liberties with the story I actually think it works out for the best. One thing about Super Star Wars that I feel gets over looked is just how well the game is animated. It’s one thing to look nice in still pictures, but even in motion. This game is gorgeous.

Game play I guess if you had to put it in a category would be a platform game, but that is doing it a disservice. You star as Luke Skywalker (one of my childhood heroes…….who am I kidding he still is) you run, jump and shoot things with various blasters. It gets really cool when you get access to his light sabre. For me this was the first time I actually felt like I was Luke Skywalker in a video game. You also get to play as Chewie and Han Solo at later points in the game, but they saved the biggest game play change for the end. You get to recreate the scene from A New Hope when Luke is trying to destroy the Death Star. This last level made my jaw hit the floor as an 11 year old kid.

3: Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga (Wii,PS3,360,DS) 2007

This was actually the third in the Lego Star Wars series of video games. We had two games before it. The first game in the series was based on Episodes 1-3, and the sequel was based on the original trilogy. When this game was announced I think many gamers thought Lucas Arts were going for a quick cash in. In truth this game is far more than that, and it added many new things that for me make this the ultimate Lego Star Wars game.

On the 360 and PS3 the look of this game is great. It’s really hard to say what makes it so much better than the previous entries in the series. I always describe it as looking more shiny, but my buddy says that’s a stupid description. Anyway it’s my article, and I am sticking with it “looks more shiny.” Each episode that you play through has been created with the upmost care. No little details have been left out. If you are a Star Wars fan then you will get a huge kick out of the look of this game. There is just something so awesome about seeing Darth Maul in Lego form. The game also uses many sound samples from the movie. So the sound quality is also fantastic.

Game play of the Lego series for me seems like people either love it or hate it. I love it yes the game is very simple and easy, but for me that is part of the charm. You get these very funny cut scenes that tell the whole saga beautifully. You have not lived until you have seen Darth Vader tell Luke he is his father in Lego form. This is also a great game to play in multi player if you have kids. This is a game that me and my boys have put a ton of time into even if my youngest does always insist I have to be Jango Fett. There is a ton of stuff to unlock in this game so the replay value is sky high.

2: Star Wars (Arcade) 1983

“That sounds like R2” Was what I said to my dad as we walked through an arcade in Blackpool sometime in 1987. It did not take me long to find what was making these cool sounds, and there it was; Star Wars arcade looking very cool with its sit down arcade cab. This game was ported to a ton of systems. A friend of mine had it for the Amiga, and it was great. However it is the arcade version that holds a special place not only in my heart, but I would bet all Star Wars fans hearts as well.

In terms of the games visuals when you think at the time I was playing on an Atari 2600 and a ZX Spectrum this machine blew me away. I loved the way the Tie Fighters would change in size as they would zoom past you. And then the Death Star would get closer and closer as you zoomed in to blow it up just like Luke did in the movie. This game also had very cool sound effects including audio taken right from the movie. Really the game is very simple looking, but in that simplicity is the games beauty in my opinion.

Game play is fast and frantic when you fire first start you are just thrown in, and need to take out as many Tie Fighters as possible. The controls in the arcade work very well, and you always felt like you were in control. The segments when you are in the Death Star were a lot of fun as well and it’s a nerve wracking experience trying to make that last shot. As it’s an arcade game, the game is very short, but that does not take away from the fact that this is a very fun game. I my own humble opinion I feel like it is not only a landmark Star Wars game, but also a land mark video game in its own right.

1: Star Wars Episode 1 Jedi Power Battles (Dreamcast) 2000

Out of all the games on this list I am sure this one will raise the most eyebrows, and that really is a shame as it is awesome. It was also released on the Playstation and Game Boy Color, but those two versions pale in comparison to the fantastic Dreamcast version. The Playstation version actually is a decent game, but once you have played the Dreamcast port there is no going back.

This game is based on Episode 1, and it captures the feel of the movie very well. All of the big set pieces and amazing locations are incredibly recreated using the horse power that the Dreamcast had. When this was released this was easily the best looking Star Wars game that I had ever played. You have a good selection of characters to pick from who have all been made with amazing attention to detail. Every thing about this game from a presentational point of view is great.

While it may look great it is the game play that has made me pick this game as my number 1 pick. I still play through this a few times each year it is that much fun. I am a sucker for a good scrolling beat em up, and that’s really what this game is, a scrolling beat em up. Think of stuff like Streets of Rage and Final Fight, that is what I would compare this game to. Except for punching and kicking you use your light sabre and force powers. There are ten levels in the game that you will have to hack and slash your way through. As well as this there are a few vehicle sections for you to break up the action. In all this game is amazing, and still to this day it is my favorite Star Wars game. The Dreamcast version also has a couple of extra modes including a duel mode, and it even has a few exclusive characters for you to unlock. Even if you are not a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy you owe it to yourself as a gamer to try this game.

So there you have it my top 5 Star Wars games. This was an incredibly tough list to narrow down, and I am sure some of you will disagree with my choices. If that’s the case I would love to read what you guys see as the top 5 Star Wars games.

By Jason Bourne

Comments (5)

  • Luke

    Love Star Wars!

  • Angry McBsman

    Either a troll or the worst list of anything ever compiled. no KOTOR, no Tie Fighter, no Battlefront. and JEDI POWER BATTLES AS #1! I don’t want to live in whatever world this “author” lives in.

  • Ludos

    I think age might have something do with it or rather a preference for Retro. I mean #2 is a 1983 Arcade. Have you played THAT??

  • Johnson Beaf

    I think the most recent arcade game, the rails shooter one where the bonus levels were lightsaber fights with Boba Fett (if you’ve played it you know what I mean), Vader and what have you, was a really awesome game. Simple, sure, but I have played that game more times than I could ever count and enjoyed every playthrough.

  • Jeremy

    You cannot have a Top 5 list for Star Wars games and not include either X-Wing or Tie Fighter in the list.

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