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Black Ops 2 best xbox 360 shooters

I’ve been getting inundated with new information on Black Ops 2 the direct descendant and heir to the franchise that has arguably re-invented first person shooter games for Xbox 360 and PS3, and upon seeing some (alleged) new innovations and improvements, I am getting more and more excited with every day that passes about this Xbox 360 shooter game, and thought I’d share some of the new information I’m getting with anyone who cares to read. The CoD Franchise is known for producing the best shooter games for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC but Black Ops II may finally put to rest any debate or question and stamp its seal as the best shooter for Xbox 360 and PS3.

There will be new perks, and along with regular and ‘pro’ perks, there will also be “Elite” perks for the Elite Premium members. Along with the addition of this new class of perk, it has been rumored that certain LMG’s, SMG’s and assault rifles will have more impact damage. Rumors are also circulating that there will be no “noob tubes allowed,” and certain game modes for sniping only. I’m assuming that this is Treyarch’s answer to all the hate mail they have been receiving. It seems they are trying to make this game more appealing to everyone. As if it already isn’t?!

I’ve also read that it black ops 2 best xbox 360 shooterswill no longer take only one knife to kill an enemy. Hopefully, this will help quell some raging from people who don’t like run-and-knifers. The list states that it will take anywhere from two to four swipes with your knife to take down your opponent, depending on the loadout and perks you have selected. I do have to say that it does seem a little illogical to have three bullets to the chest NOT kill a person, but one knife to the foot does them in. This is an answer to that complaint, although with the ballistic knife and tomahawk, it will still only take one good shot to do the job.

In addition to several new perks and loadouts, they have also added some new killstreaks that look very interesting. One called “The CLAW” is an ‘armored quadruped with heavy firepower, such as the cannon on the front or the rotating turret on top. There’s no confirmation of whether it will be controllable, but it’s more likely that it will appear as an enemy in Black Ops 2,’ states nowgamer.com.

It’s also been said that Black Ops 2’s story mode will have multiple endings, with all missions having a branching story line that will affect the outcome of the game. This is a great addition to the game, as it may encourage people to actually play campaign…more than once, even, if only to see the different outcomes. If a player fails a mission, characters may die, changing whole experience.

Treyarch claims they have stripped the multiplayer down, and claimed to have “started from a very core place”, in hopes to level the field for players with all different styles of play. They’re bringing Combat Training back, to help the noob get more comfortable and acclimated to actual gameplay, and they also claim that the zombies in Black Ops 2 will be bigger and better than before, stating it will be “a huge world, running inside the multiplayer mode”, and are even offering new, different modes for zombie-killing action than before ( nowgamer).

It’s also been revealed that Blops 2 will also have missions similar to MW3’s Special Ops that will be called ‘Strike Force,’ but it’s not exactly clear if it will be nestled in the campaign, or separate altogether. In “Strike Force,” you’ll have an option to use Overwatch mode, which allows you to control your team from a bird’s-eye perspective.

All in all, with all the new additions to the story mode, zombies, and multiplayer, I am a little over-excited for the November 13, 2012 release date. It’s shaping up to be one of the best-selling and possibly most highly anticipated, best Xbox 360 shooters releases of all time. With every new piece of information that gets aired, I can’t help squeak with excitement. For the last two releases, I’ve been standing in a line about 400 people long, right at midnight to snag my copy, speed home, and pop it in, play all of maybe two matches and fall asleep from the exhaustion of being up all day with a child, and waiting up all night to purchase a copy. On second thought, maybe I’ll wait until Tuesday morning this year. Maybe. Probably not, though.

By Dr Nikki

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