Why Does Call of Duty Have So Many Haters ?


I’ve been playing video games my entire life. It started with NES, graduated to Game Boy, advanced to Sega Genesis, and evolved into PlayStation. I took a brief hiatus in my late teen years to drink and smoke, do drugs and have sex, but then quickly returned to an old refuge of gaming in my early 20’s with Call of Duty.  Even though I have progressed as a gamer to playing all kinds of games, the Call of Duty Franchise holds a special place in my heart for tapping me on the shoulder and reminding me of something I had long since forgotten.

That being said, after starting a Facebook community where I could find more females to game with, it has been brought to my attention that—I almost can’t even bring myself to write it—there are people out there that hate Call of Duty. Hate it. Can’t STAND it. So I sit here, perplexed, trying to figure out why people could hate on a game like this. How someone could loathe any Xbox 360 shooter games let alone one of the best shooter games for Xbox 360 and very possibly THE best first person shooter for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. A game that has sold so many copies worldwide, and has the mass-appeal of a game like Duty. I decided to delve into it a little further, and see what I could discover. Since Halo came on the scene, the bar for shooter games for Xbox 360 was raised, and Duty has met and exceeded that bar.

modern warfare 3 best xbox 360 shootersI’ve recently learned the term ‘fanboy.’ It fits here perfectly. You have people on the Xbox side that say, “HALO is one of best Xbox 360 shooters and probably the best Xbox 360 game… Ever. Hands Down.” You have people on the PlayStation side that say, “Call of Duty / Black Ops is the best,” and then you have people that throw hate on both sides, regardless of console and title, and hate both games. Why? Why would someone hate a game SO MUCH, that they feel the need to talk about it.

Every gamer has their preference. Every gamer feels that their console or PC is superior. Every gamer thinks they are right in their opinions and beliefs of a game, regardless of the mass appeal or genre. I’ve been told that “a true gamer has no preference, and plays everything,” but that’s a crock of crap. Everyone has a favorite. A true gamer has played countless hours and countless games, on countless consoles, and to ask someone to not have a favorite is almost impossible, but I digress.

They feel the hate boiling to a point that they can no longer hold it in, and it gets thrown all over my computer screen. It’s got to be the only time in my life I have seen so many men open up and freely express their feelings.

I’ve been told that Call of Duty is an abomination. It’s a slap in the face to a “real” game, if you will. I’ve been told ‘this game takes no talent,’ ‘is garbage,’ ‘is filled with nine-year-old kids,’ and is flawed beyond belief. It makes me feel like these are excuses for not playing the game, not reasons. I don’t know what your views are (please tell me), but I know where I stand.  People try to compare and contrast CoD to other games like Battlefield, but honestly, those are two different kinds of games. You can’t compare a corridor shooter like CoD to a long-range, in-depth, super-strategic game like Battlefield 3. You just can’t. It’s like comparing apples to…well…more complicated, genetically engineered, hybrid apples. Same TYPE of game, but completely different, and anyone who has played both knows this.

best xbox 360 shootersI don’t hate any game. I can’t say I’ve ever played a game that I hated. I’ve played games that weren’t interesting, games I didn’t like, and games that flat-out sucked, but I’ve never played a game that I hate. After scouring the interwebs, I’ve decided that there is no right answer. The Call of Duty series is popular, and that is why I believe it has so many haters. With the record-breaking sales it encountered, you’re gonna have some haters in there somewhere. As for the game ‘taking no talent’ to play, that’s all a matter of opinion. I have a feeling that most of the people saying it ‘takes no talent,’ most likely have no talent in the game, or get beaten into submission when trying to play. I don’t know. Someone tell me why there’s all this hate flying around! Nothing can spark a fire inside someone so hot and burning, that hate bubbles out of their mouth for no reason. In my opinion, any game that can get millions of people all around the world to pick up a controller and play—is a good game. Any game that engages and captivates its’ audience to the point in which you aren’t thinking about your problems, only a strategy to the game, is a good game in my book.  But…R.Kelly said it best when he said, “Haters gon’ hate,” I suppose.

By Dr. Nikki

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  • st0nnec0ld

    I agree completely. There is no reason to hate it. It’s okay to dislike CoD, but not okay to hate it.

  • Jalen Allen

    I like your opinion when it comes to hating a game, or thinking a game sucks. I am in the belief that there are no bad games once soever. I do however recognize the reasons for why people do not like a game. When it comes to COD I can honestly say that I am not in the ”best shooter ever” bandwagon. I do think that Activision has created one of the most intense and exciting FPS multiplayer games to date though. That is all COD is to me honestly, I have never put more than an hour or two into the actual campaign of a COD game, nor do I plan on doing so. So when I see you mention that the game is full of children, I know what people mean. The multiplayer is infested with them. Sometimes it isn’t much of an issue but they do become rather annoying when they are constantly chattering about how much others suck at the game or how good they are etc. In terms to the no talent to play thought, that is completely false. COD takes TONS of talent to play. It doesn’t matter how good you think you are either, someone is always that much better or likely to get the drop on you. However I do speak primarily from a multiplayer standpoint, and can’t comment on the campaign. I appreciate your view on not hating games and can see where people come from when hating COD, but I still don’t think there is a solid reason for the hatred.

  • Ludos

    Without a doubt you spoke about this topic very reasonably and intelligently! Dr. Nikki wrote this article, but I agree with you on one aspect of COD. I don’t play the campaigns. I don’t remember when I stopped, which COD release it was. I was looking up today the top selling games and Black Ops was #2. #1 was WoW with 1.6 billion in revenue. I think Black Ops had $700 million or so in revenue.

    Anyway, the COD series just has mass appeal. Anyone can play it, but to be good, like you pointed out, it does take skill. The series I think has great presentation, great graphics, great gameplay. I mean it’s great. People whine that it’s just the same game over and over again and I guess they get annoyed by all the people that still like it. I think a game is supposed to be fun. If someone finds it fun, then good for them.

    I don’t see any WoW haters, and how long has that game been around!??. Seriously. You don’t see any critics. Partly because the Wow community will probably “destroy” anyone who would go out bashing WoW. Lol!

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