Girls Can Play Too



by Dr Nikki

Anyone who personally knows me KNOWS how much of a Call of Duty fanatic I am. I have over 212 hours logged in just on Modern Warfare 3 alone, not to mention all the previous COD games. It still shocks some people to find out that behind my gamertag lies an actual girl. Welp, excuse me–woman (I use the term loosely).

I like to think I am pretty good. My record would show that, of course, I actually AM good.

Still, some men just cannot handle the fact that they are..,well…simply not as good as I am.

I find it amusing that, upon entering a lobby, if you have a gamertag that has anything to do with femininity whatsoever, people call you out on it.

“DrNikki? I wonder if she’s really a girl. I bet she’s ugly. I bet she’s really a man.”

I try my hardest to bite my tongue and NOT plug my headset in and inform them just how wrong they are–I like to let my gaming speak for itself. But a few weeks ago, someone said something directed my way that I just could not keep quiet about.

I was playing Domination on one of the newer maps, and was doing fabulously. I believe I was 22-3 from what I can remember. Doesn’t really matter. All you need to know is I was pulverizing the other team without mercy. The match ended, with me reigning over the map with an osprey gunner, silently reveling in my valiant efforts to defeat the opposition… when I heard some guy on the other team. He was whining, probably over his own lack of ability in the game, and perhaps the fact that he just got beat by someone with the gamertag ‘DrNikki’.

That’s when he said it. He gave me the highest honor ANY real gamer could ever achieve.

“DrNikki, you’re a CHEATER!” He shouted, sounding mean and sure of himself. He was no teenager, that was for sure, so I decided to plug in my headset and ask why he thought I was a ‘cheater.’

“You just ARE. You’re a CHEATER!” He yelled again.

“I’m sorry you feel that way, dude. I’m a 26 year-old stay-home-mom. I’m not a cheater. You just aren’t very good, is all. It’s okay.”

And then he left the lobby. I could imagine that him hearing that not only did he just get pummeled, but he was pummeled at the hands of a diaper-changing, baby-talking, sweet as pie MOM– that’s gotta hurt at least a little. But why? Why is so strange to get beaten at a video game by a girl–woops, there I go, again–woman? Why?

By Dr. Nikki

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  • Ibraheem

    Because most males view women as objects, in a world where women agree to be portrayed as objects for money, most common example is pornography, which, is most frequented by the male population, it just messes with your head, changes how you view women, cause all they want is someone to help them get off and get food for them, which is, ofcourse, unacceptable

  • JJ

    He was just buggin I didnt think he knew you were a girl and it probably didnt really matter if you were or weret he was just pissed cuz he sucked in that match and had to blame the top player in the game!

    But i wouldnt/dont find it strange to get beat by a girl even if your a guy if anything it would be rematch time to find a player that can beat me! Some nice rivalry!

  • xino


    COD is an easy game anyway, it requires no skill.

    we need more Battlefield and Unreal Tournament.
    you need skills for that.

    Perks in COD does the easy killing for you

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