You Are A Splinter Cell



The date was October 31, 2006. I remember because I still have the receipt. I had previously gone to GameStop and purchased an Xbox Action Replay Kit. At the time it cost around forty dollars but it was worth it for what I had in mind. I was planning to hack my very first game console. I was fascinated by anything hacking, tweaking, modifying or reverse engineering. The first thing I ever hacked was the T-Mobile Razr, clearing space and customizing files.

The discovery in hacking electronics always kept me curious. But I’m not a real hacker; the real hacker is the guy who created the Splinter Cell exploit, I just read and applied like most. I’m thinking the hacker read the back cover of Splinter Cell and took it seriously. At the top right it states, “You are Sam Fisher. You have the right to spy, steal, destroy, and assassinate to ensure that American freedoms are protected. If captured, the U.S. government will disavow any knowledge of your existence. You are a Splinter Cell.”

That was intense but anyhow, I was going for the Splinter Cell Xbox softmod; this quickly struck a chord since I always liked software and I was always tweaking my Windows XP every chance I got. Software is where it’s at; hardware always came off as tedious to me. So it was cool that I didn’t have to unscrew the Xbox to hack it. Anyhow, I got home with the hardware requirements to softmod the Xbox and this is when I started cracking my head.

The difficulty was all in the research, it had seemed as if no one person was capable of publishing a simple softmod tutorial and these days people still write in circles. The lack of simplicity in tutorials is catastrophic; one should take tips from the instructions on the back of a Pop-Tarts® box; “Step one, remove pastry from pouch.” On top of that, there’s such animosity on forums. Users are so quick to flame you; just make sure to hold back to block. Eventually I softmodded the Xbox and learned how to install emulators and XBMC.

The first game I played was Donkey Kong Country (SNES); I was so amped I think I did a barrel roll. At the same time I felt like Sam Fisher. I had sneaked my way in and solved the mission. Some time afterwards I stumbled upon an idea to simplify the softmod process for the newbs. I quickly put it up on eBay, promoting that Action Replay was not required to softmod the Xbox. It did very well and then eBay eventually suspended me. This caused me to branch out.

I began a site and instead of Action Replay Kit, I named it the Xbox Softmod Kit. Eventually I would write my own tutorial that was rated E for everyone to comprehend. The idea was to help the newcomers cut through the forums and obscure information and create a one-stop service to softmod the Xbox. The Xbox Softmod Kit is still active today with a 3-day rental option and contact support for obscure questions. Needful to say, I created this niche and now there are a few others doing the same. A special thanks to UberDalem from GameBlips forever posting that video tutorial and to the one who created the exploit, You Are A Splinter Cell.

By Dauddy

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