Retrospective on Retro Videogames


The years come and go and some games define time. Some retro games are never to be duplicated and when it comes to a top ten list, there’s always a mention. They’re the icons of today’s video game boutiques and mom and pop shops love using the game characters for their store logo.

These are the games of the past that gave way to the future with original style and design. They’re the cornerstones to the games we play today and will always be held in high regard. Some of which are pure classic and define the golden era of video games or better yet, define nostalgia.

These classics are all about experiences. Experiences that might never be duplicated. Unfortunately, while these games were in their wonder years I was playing something else. Had I missed my opportunity, or can I still revisit the classics? It seems unlikely; I have all this appreciation for them but cannot seem to enjoy them when I sit to play. Where are the gamers who agree with me? Where are the gamers who research these games just to inexplicably be disappointed? Must we do the impossible and travel back in time with our juice box?

Is nostalgia required to enjoy these games today, to keep them in high regard? Perhaps childhood plays a greater effect than we realize or maybe I’m just retarded for finding no enjoyment in Super Metroid. I’m not dissing the game. I appreciate Metroid Prime but only from a distance. I can enjoy watching the game being played by others and get ecstatic reading up on its history and the impact the game had when it was first released. But to take the controller in my hand, and attempt to have fun is no menial task. But it shouldn’t be a task at all; fun and task don’t go together. Which brings me to my next point

Perhaps spontaneity is necessary to enjoy these classics. Maybe the cartridge alone is just not enough. I think certain retro games have to be approached from a different angle; I have a friend who appreciates Shaq Fu, what a waste of nostalgia right? That makes me laugh though because it’s no different than the nostalgia for any other game, even though it could be better. Some of us are not being honest with ourselves because we grew up to find out that our favorite childhood games suck. There are games that many of us have played and had unforgettable experiences with but are not regarded as great games at all. So what makes a game a classic? I suppose the masses do but then again there’s the whole topic on cult classics, which I love to read up on.

Nostalgia is the ultimate hype man putting even the late great Flavor Flav to shame. It can make a good game seem epic beyond proportions but at the same time it all lies in perception, which is always a tricky subject. I mean at the end of this article I’m the one signing my name off. It is all just my opinion in the first place and there will be many comments and opinions that follow.

By Dauddy


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