Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Epic Fail?



Tom Clancy’s name has been put to many very well received games over the years. Many people even non gamers, have had their head turned by the fact that his name is on a game. Ghost Recon Future Soldier is actually the fifth game in the Ghost Recon series, and in some ways it is trying to go back to the series’ roots.

You see, the very first Ghost Recon game was also the first Tom Clancy game to have an adult rating. This was heavily publicized leading up to the game’s release. Ghost Recon games after this did away with this, but Ghost Recon Future Soldier brought back the adult rating, and aimed to be a much more darker game than the others in this series. As well as being a darker game it also is the first game in the series to be set in the future. So everything sounds like this really should be one of the best Xbox 360 shooters right? Well not exactly. Things did not go as developer Ubisoft had hoped.

As far as the story goes it is standard Tom Clancy stuff which is a great thing, and like the majority of the other games bearing his name, the story of Ghost Recon Future Soldier is certainly one of the game’s strongest points. The campaign will see you visit such locations as Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and Norway. It really is quite a complex and exciting story that is full of plot twists and turns. You play as a future soldier, a new breed of soldier who is the best of the best. Despite being the best of the best these new breed of super soldiers will find themselves trying to uncover a plot that could change the balance of power in the world, and not in the way they would like.

So yeah without a doubt the story is great, and it makes you want to keep on playing until you get to the end. Sadly though, the game play can be very frustrating. When it works right, Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a great 3rd person action game. Like before, it also mixes in a first person view point as well. When all of this works like it is supposed to it really is fun to play. Unfortunately though, there are more than a few times when the core game play, and the AI just get really frustrating.

Your AI team mates really do some very strange things. One moment they are doing exactly what you want them to do, and you really feel like you are part of this Ghost squad. And then just out of the blue they will start shooting at a wall, or just run straight past an enemy. Its little things like this that after a while get to be really annoying, and start to make the game a chore to play. It may not sound like a huge deal breaker, and truth be told it is not, because when everything goes well it is wonderful to play. It makes it so much more frustrating because when it’s good, Ghost Recon Future Soldier is really good.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier is not a bad game, but at the same time it is really not a great one. It does have a fantastic story which will most probably make you want to put up with the AI’s occasional odd behavior in order to get to the end. While not one of the Xbox 360’s best shooters, you certainly could do much worse than picking this up.

By Jason Bourne

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  • BiFF

    The FPS today are very weak and geared for the low-educated masses. They involve little strategy. The environment is a spray and pray theme. What they should do is get back to the basics. It should me man vs man. All weapons should be available to all. Having to buy weapons is one of the dumbest features ever put into an FPS. The maps should have an array of sizes. The FPS view should not be obstructed by the gun. At least make it optional. Teams should have no more than 6 to 8 players on each side. Keep the weapons realistic. get rid of air strikes and all vehicles. They ruin games. The best FPS ever made was Ghost Recon Jungle Storm for the PS2. It is still the best to this day. COD, Battelfield and so on fail in comparison. There is a reason Jungle Storm lasted online for 7years.

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