How I Became A BF3 Convert




I had a few months to go before my vacation out of the states and Battlefield 3 was right on schedule. Had Modern Warfare 3 been released earlier, I might not of even purchased the game. Battlefield 3 is the reason that I still haven’t played that Modern Warfare 3. I wanted a game that was going to keep me busy until the day of my flight and so Battlefield 3 came parachuting to the rescue.

After playing so much of the Call of Duty series, the day I got home with Battlefield 3 I wasn’t sure if I made the right choice. I thought “damn maybe I should have done more research; I shouldn’t have taken such a shot in the dark.” It’s not that you can’t pickup and play, but it took me a little getting used to. Eventually I put on some dark underground music and after a few hours or so dark underground music and seeping bullets became my new trend.

Bit by bit the game was getting more immersive and I was hooked. The game feels a bit like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 but at a faster pace and much more additions. This fast paced action is sure to draw in the crowd. The game I thought on the first day was not up to par became part of many exciting online matches. Battlefield 3 was like trying a new dish at your favorite restaurant to now discover that you love it. I had never experienced such crisp, detailed sound effects. The sound gives my speakers a run for their buck. It gave the game such a major boost of intensity and apprehension especially in hardcore mode.

Hardcore mode is where it’s at, and since the health meter is low it causes you to make sound decisions. You were ready to pull that trigger at the tap of the next footstep. The handguns never got played out. The best handgun action in my book, it’s up there with the handgun game from Halo: Combat Evolved.

I spent day on in just upgrading my pistols. The attachments to the handguns were part of all the fun, and in hardcore mode they provided quick satisfying kills. Upgrading handguns to quickly blind your opponent was so cool. At close range the enemy is sure to be shooting random shots because of the intense lighting. The gun game takes practice; each gun has a different feel to it. This is what had me coming back, the gun upgrades, attachment upgrades and practicing my aim. All these features made the game so immersive.

The mobility is great, the soldiers are agile and the guns have such a crisp sound and weight to them. Most maps are long and wide and on occasion you’ll respawn in the sky with a parachute. The sound alone is so good it deserves a separate review. It goes together with the beautiful detailed graphics, which pushes my consoles limits. Battlefield 3 is an amazing first person shooter with a growing fan base to prove it.

By Dauddy


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