NBA 2K12 Demo

Game:  NBA 2K12

System: PlayStation 3

Size: 1.1 GB


NBA 2K12 gets right to it starting you at the tipoff for 4 minutes of game play in casual difficulty. You play as the Dallas Mavericks hosting the Miami Heat. This demo is only for one player. The camera angle remains on broadcast even though a 2K angle would have been cool and you play only as the Dallas Mavericks. The game feels solid but the Mavericks might not be the best team to demo this, it would have been cool to play with some high flyers. Holding down the two trigger buttons allows you to throw the ball in front of you and creates a running momentum. It’s a great addition to the pace of the game. The post button is now a face button and I must admit I like the change. The game feels different from last year’s. There’s a different feel to the players and it feels refreshing.  New face animations give the players a more accurate look and it shows. Having played the actually game I don’t think this demo does it justice meaning that the game is much better. This demo is just a tease watching Lebron dunk on your squad.

Learning Curve: Easy

Worth Downloading: Yes

Multiplayer: No

By Dauddy

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