Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers Tips, Tricks and Cheats

A few little hints and tips to help you restore peace, and score with the princess!!!

I was so excited when Castle Crashers was first released. I loved scrolling beat em ups as a kid. Streets of Rage, Turtles in Time and Final Fight being my favorite. Sadly, when gaming moved into the world of 3 dimensions, side scrolling beat em ups never quite managed the transition; so I have been extremely happy that this generation has seen a return to some side scrolling beat em up action. Castle Crashers so far is my favourite, since it is one of the best xbox 360 games. While it’s a side scrolling beat em up, it’s far more in depth than many people give it credit for, and can be quite a challenge. I have come up with a few general tips to help you along your way.

Beat The Corn Boss

This guy can be a bit of a pain in the butt. Now there is a way to get a little help here. You have probably noticed that there are two random characters just standing at the top of the screen watching. Well you can actually get these guys to help you fight the Corn Boss. To do this, stand where they are when the Corn Boss goes underground. When he re appears he will knock them into the field of battle where they will help you fight him.

Don’t Get Frozen

This may seem like common sense, but it can be a real time saver. Before the Ice Castle, make sure you have the little Yeti as your companion. Now when you have to cross the ice bridge you can just run straight across without getting frozen, and without having to use your shield every 3 seconds.

Unlimited Gold

There are a few parts of the game where you can exploit it to get unlimited gold. I find this one easier. In the Cyclops Cave area there are a whole bunch of gold bags close to where a thing that looks like a trolley is. Grab the gold, beat all the monsters then leave the cave. You can re enter the cave and the gold is all back, but the monsters are not. You can do this as much as you like to get all the gold you need.

Quicker Kills

A quicker way to get rid of enemies is to jump before you attack. By doing this you will decapitate them after a few hits. This is a great way to thin down an area where there is a ton of enemies. So before you unleash an attack make sure you jump.

Level Up Fast

You need to be in the cave that has the big vampire bat as a boss, and have the boomerang selected. Run into the top left corner of the cave, and charge your boomerang to the max. When he gets close release it. Now this is the tricky part as you need to be really fast. Select your shield, use it, and DO NOT MOVE. Your boomerang will get stuck behind the bat and just keep on hitting him levelling you up pretty fast.

Level Up Fast 2

Fight a boss or mini boss who has a bunch of minions helping him out. Now ignore the boss, and just keep on killing the minions. They will just keep on respawning so you can get a whole bunch of xp just taking them all out. Of course you have to keep an eye open for the boss.

Barbarian Boss Gold

By far the Barbarian Boss is the easiest in the game. You can also get a decent amount of gold fairly quickly if you keep on fighting him. Once you beat him instead of heading right just go left and you can fight him again. Not only is this a good way to get gold you can also keep on killing his minions to get XP as well.

I hope you liked these Castle Crashers tips, and that they will help you out in levelling up and getting as much gold as you need.

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  • Ben

    Too bad updates to the game has basically gotten rid of the Bat Boss EXP exploit…kind of an unfortunate thing as I remember using that to power level a ridiculous amount when the game first came out.

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