Max Payne 3 Raising The Bar In Gaming & More Pissed Than Ever

What makes the Max Payne series so special is not just the fact that they are good video games, but they are also fantastic stories that really pull you into their world. There are very few video game characters that are as much fun and complex to play as Max Payne. Max Payne 3 is perhaps Max’s greatest adventure yet and is becoming one of the best xbox 360 games.

The story in Max Payne 3 will see Max move away from the New York location in the first games that tormented his soul. He packs up and moves to Sao Paulo to try and make a new start. Of course we know Max too well to know that he has that kind of luck. What is perhaps the strongest point of Max Payne 3 really is its story. Max has taken a job protecting one of the area’s most wealthy families. This family is not what they seem. When the wife of the man he is protecting are kidnapped, Max is pulled into a deep conspiracy that will put Max right over the edge.

Not only is this a very interesting, and complex story, it is told with some fantastic voice acting. The production values of Max Payne 3 are absolutely sky high. Max may be a little older, and a little more pissed at the world, but he can still pump bad guys full of lead like no other. Shooting bad guys in Max Payne 3 feels so good. This game is incredibly over the top graphically, and it works with the tone of the game really well.

Max Payne 3 is a cinematic joy to play through. Not only does it have a very well acted story, but it is also a great deal of fun to play. It would be unfair to just class Max Payne 3 as one of the best Xbox 360 shooters, as it is far more than that. This is a story driven masterpiece that simply must be played.

By Jason Bourne 

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