Battlefield 3 Armored Kill DLC. The Online Game That Won’t Die

Gamers the world over have gone crazy over Battlefield 3 it is one of the most played games on Xbox Live, and one of the best xbox 360 games ever . In fact, many gamers call it one of the very best Xbox 360 shooters that we have had so far. What is really cool about Battlefield 3 is that the expansion packs that have been released are far more than just a quick “cash in”. Armored Kill is the third out of four expansion packs, and this one really packs a serious punch.

The main focus of Armored Kill is the vehicles. That really is the main deal with this expansion pack. There will be a good range of vehicles for you to cause some real damage with. It is perhaps the tanks that have gotten gamers the most excited to drive, but there are other fun vehicles also. In addition to the two styles of tank, you can also drive two different styles of mobile artillery units and a quad bike. For those of you who like to attack from high up, Armored Kill also has an artillery ship for you to wreck havoc in. In addition to this, Armored Kill will unlock new vehicles for the main game as well.

Armored Kill also boasts what is the biggest multi player map that has ever been in a Battlefield game so far. All of the new game modes can be played over the five different maps.  Armored Kill is really going to give a great deal of extra bang for fans of Battlefield 3’s multi player.

In a time when many gamers are jaded over publishers DLC practices, It’s good to see that some are still going out of there way to give us some great extra content for our games. Armored Kill is certainly an example of some good DLC.

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  • Truth

    I really like BF3, I put 850+ hrs into it so far. And I can tell you this.. for the most part the DLC sucks. I can’t pinpoint what it is.. but something about it just makes the game play suck balls.

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