X-COM Enemy Unknown : Will It Live Up To The Original?

Original XCOM Game Footage:

XCOM was a much loved sci-fi strategy game that was first released back in 1994. This really is not just a reboot, but more of a re-imagining. 2K games are actually working on two games under the XCOM name, but they are both set in different universes. The other XCOM game is just a first person shooter, and nothing like the 1994 strategy game. When this first person shooter was first announced it was greeted with outrage by fans of XCOM. Along side that however is XCOM: Enemy Unknown which is aiming to keep fans of the original game very happy indeed.

Set in the modern, day you play the role of the man in charge of XCOM, the most advanced military organization the world has ever seen. You are involved in a war with an extraterrestrial force and it looks like you are going to have a very tough time to win indeed. In all it’s a pretty cool sci-fi plot. The story of the first XCOM was one of the game’s strongest points, so all signs point to this reimaged one being pretty good also. Game play wise XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a real time strategy game. You will need to make decisions such as intercepting an alien craft or wait meet them on the ground, locked and loaded. As everything is in real time it will add a great sense of panic, and make you feel like every decision that you make must be the right one. One other cool feature is how you can research the aliens own technology to use for your advantage. XCOM: Enemy Unknown looks like it is going to be one of the best strategy games we have seen in quite a while. Its sci-fi setting right away sets it apart from the majority of other strategy games that are out there. All signs are looking like this is a game that both original fans of the XCOM series will be able to enjoy and new fans alike.     [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNyhyzjYCks&feature=relmfu[/youtube]

By Jason Bourne


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