Spec Ops: The Line Demo review

Game:  Spec Ops: The Line

Available On:  PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Size: 1.45GB

Summary: Third person shooter with a Gears of War cover system is what this games boils down to. It plays like a Gears of War meets Socom. The game takes place in the desert. You play as the leader of your squad and get to command your squad to take down enemies. The graphics are great but what I really like is the agility the soldier has. It mimics the Gears of War cover system but in a cool way, sliding into it like a baseball player. Your squad consists of two other men and there are various difficulty levels. Your character is equipped with both a handgun and a rifle. I prefer using the handgun, which was a lot more fun. The shooting and aiming is accurate and satisfying at the same time. There’s also melee attacks and if an enemy is on the ground you get to stomp his face, very similar to Gears. It may not be the best xbox 360 shooter but it’s a lot of fun. Give this game a try if you’re into Socom, Gears of War or even Uncharted.

Learning Curve: Easy

Demo Worth Downloading: Yes

Multiplayer: No


By Dauddy


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