Borderlands 2 : Finally!

The first Borderlands was a big hit. Gearbox Software managed to pull off something remarkable. They made a game that had tremendous cross over appeal; a game that did not just appeal to fans of shooters, but to also fans of rpg’s. With its unconventional style this first person shooter brings so much innovation that it’s easily considered the top first person shooter. It’s something for everyone. In the sequel, Borderlands 2, everything you loved about the first game is back, and it is even bigger, better and more bad ass than it was before. So far it’s looking like Borderlands 2 will be one of the very best Xbox 360 shooters. The enhanced RPG elements will make sure of that. As far as first person shooters online go, this one brings something exceptionally unique by creating the most co-op multiplayer friendly game.

Borderlands 2 is set a few years after the events of the first game, and introduces us to a character named Handsome Jack. Handsome Jack is public enemy number one as he has taken all the credit for the actions of the vault hunters in the first game. Handsome Jack sees the vault hunters as a threat to the newly acquired power, and leaves them for dead. Making a return is the Guardian Angel from the first Borderlands, who informs you that Handsome Jack must be killed. The main reason that you need to stop Handsome Jack is because he plans to unleash an ancient evil known as The Warrior.

Borderlands 2 will see new characters for you to play as. Like before there are four different characters each with their own style. We have Salvador who in addition to sharing abilities with Brick from the first game can duel wield as well. Maya is a siren and is similar to Lilith, but has a new ability called Phaselock. Axton is a commando who like Roland from the first Borderlands game uses turrets. Lastly we have Zero, an assassin who has the really cool ability to make a decoy of himself, as well as being able to turn invisible. During Pax East it was revealed that there would be a fifth playable character called the Mechromancer.

Borderlands 2 has a very interesting story that is sure to be a heap of fun to play through. In addition to the great story are the characters, their level of character customization, and the “bazillion guns” Tailoring your character to exact specifications for your playing style, team work, and guns, will be the keys to success in completing the primary goal, taking down Handsome Jack. Much like in the first game, you can do a complete a slew of side missions that will further your enjoyment, gain you achievements and trophies, and level up your character. The side missions can range from simple fetch quests to having to kill a whole bunch baddies.

Borderlands 2 looks like it’s going to expand on the fantastic original in every way. While everything is looking great all eyes will be on its developers for any missteps.  The first Borderlands was both a critical and financial success. The developers themselves have said that it was a surprise at just how many copies that game went on to sell. With Borderlands 2 the bar has been set higher and gamers will be expecting nothing less than perfection. It’s a tall order but one that Gearbox will surely deliver on.

Borderlands 2 Release Date is 9/18/2012

By Jason Bourne

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