Forza Motorsport 4: Demo Review

Game:  Forza Motorsport 4

Available On:  Xbox 360

Size: 1.27GB

Summary: Forza Motorsport is astounding; looking and feeling better with each release. And with good reason. Gran Turismo is no slacker for putting on the pressure. Excellent background music, there’s actually this one track that reminds me of Donkey Kong Country 3. Test out 5 different vehicles including a WRX, BMW and a Ferrari and even choose colors. You race on one track only but it has the most delicious looking snow mountains ever to be witnessed. The difficulty options are like that of the real game you can either customize them or choose between the 5 preset difficulty settings. As you drive you can change from several different camera angles including  car view. The game play is solid and feels even better than its predecessor. Solid driving, visual crash detail and an astounding view, makes this a demo to experience. One of the best driving simulators out keeps getting better. Download the demo today only for the Xbox 360.

Learning Curve: Easy

Worth Downloading: Yes

Multiplayer: No


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By Dauddy





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