FIFA Street: Demo Review

Game:  FIFA Street

Available On:  Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Size: 1.89GB

Summary: FIFA Street has been built from the ground up, and like all revamped games we must forget the past. The game start with an awesome video with different players from each country spitting that street talk about how it goes down on their streets. This is a 3 on 3 plus football game plus goalies. It’s a pick up and play, with an interesting learning curve. It reminds me of the NBA 2K series in street mode. You have quite a few modes to get into in the demo, including single player, 2 players, practice and even world tour. I like the practice mode where I get to learn the cool crossover like moves that gives the game its edge. In world tour mode you create a character as well as a team design and colors. As you might guess in world tour mode you travel to different arenas all over the globe where the colors, crowd and environments change with each arena. Choose from four different teams as you play two halves, starts with three minutes and ends with two. The game seems cool if you’re into football. I’m sure the fans will have fun getting into this one and the reviews on the web are giving it good scores.

Learning Curve:

Worth Downloading: Yes

Multiplayer: Yes, local only


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By Dauddy


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