Fight Night Champion: Demo Review

Game:  Fight Night Champion

Available On:  Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Size: 1.05GB

Summary: Fight Night Champion is my kind of game. Hand me the controller and I’m knocking you out. It’s come a long way from round 3, which was nothing less than greatness. There’s a full entrance presentation as you play with Tyson, Ali, Pacquiao or Cotto. You can even choose mirror matches, and all fights are held at the Boardwalk Hall. Play a single or versus match and there’s six control options to choose from so there’s no excuses. I mostly enjoy boxing as Tyson, bobbing and weaving body shots at Ali. To me, Tyson’s the most fun in the demo. He’s quick and hits hard. A Tyson mirror match will really show whose better. When I played with friends, we played mirror matches. Since there is no advantage on either side mirror matches cause the game play to stand out. This is the most fluid boxing game I’ve ever encountered but from the demo seems to lean towards the casual gamer, which I understand. This game can be a pick up and punch by simply understanding the button assignments, and you’ll quickly knockout your opponent or at least avoid a knockout.

Learning Curve: Easy

Worth Downloading: Yes

Multiplayer: Yes, Local Only


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By Dauddy

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