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Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers ( Castle Crashers Tips tricks and Cheats )is an exciting, comical, 2D side-scrolling, animated RPG and one of the best xbox 360 games . It starts off in your king’s castle, during a party, when all of a sudden, an evil wizard intrudes. He steals the king’s precious, and very large, crystal. Not only that, but also snatches four of the king’s princesses, flying away back to his own throne. The four knights comprise the Castle Crasher Characters among other interesting playable characters. These four Knights who have been in the middle of dancing are ordered by the king to retrieve the crystal, as well as the four lovely princesses. They set off on an adventure filled with fun, comical creatures, making out with the ladies, and much fighting and slashing. You rescue each princess individually after fighting with a boss who keeps them ascended in a cage. Upon defeating each boss, you slash her down and your knight will proceed with kissing her. If you are not playing single player, you will have to fight your teammates to win the prize of the fair maiden’s kiss. ( Castle Crasher Weapons )

In  Castle Crashers the protagonists are the four knights with special, unique abilities. There is the Red Knight, the Blue Knight, the Yellow Knight, and the Green Knight. Red is electricity, Blue is ice, Green is Poison/Toxic, Yellow is Fire. As you play the game you will level up and unlock several new things, such as weapons and pets. Each time you gain a level you will earn two skill points, until you make your way to level twenty in which you will only earn one skill point per level up.Castle Crashers These skill points are for increasing your player’s stats of which there are four: strength, defense, magic, and agility. For each point giving to a skill, you will become more skilled in that area. If you increase magic enough, your abilities will be upgraded to an even more powerful magic attack.

Castle Crashers Gameplay

Castle Crashers gives you a large world to explore to find many, many secrets. You will find items such as pets, money, food, and weapons laying about the world. The most common place is a little ‘X’ on the ground in which you will have to dig it up. There are so many weapons within Castle Crashers, not even including the DLC. Every weapon you unlock will be put in the Blacksmiths’ ‘Weapons Frog’. You can choose from a broad sword, mace, to even a candle stick and a lollipop! Every weapon will have its own stats that will add on to your skills. An example would be a staff has +3 magic; As you wield it, your stats will have that three added onto it. You may also have a little ball-shaped companion at your side as you fight. Each pet has their own perk for you to utilize. Some may level you up faster, while some may find some of those secrets for you. Again, every pet you collect will be saved and stored for future use with the Blacksmith as you are not using them.

Every level of Castle Crashers delivers a new unique experience, and you definitely will not predict what will come of each stage of the story. You may be pushing archers off lizards, then the next thing you know, you might be being chased by a large cat-like creature on a deer. The art within the game is fantastically crafted, making it a wondrous place to explore. Castle Crashers also has a decent amount of DLC that will surely increase playability, even though it is already superb. I personally have spent house training and leveling up many characters with friends and solo. In my opinion, Castle Crashers is undoubtedly one to remember.

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