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As of late I’ve noticed a growing trend. It is a trend that makes me suspicious and skeptical at the same time. A trend that may ruin my beloved experience with Xbox 360 shooter games. I’m sitting in front of my TV, weapon selected, timer is counting down, and my waypoints are clearly marked on the map. My squad leader is calmly and effectively communicating our strategy. Focused now, readying for the sprint. Then it happens; a girl’s voice reverberates through the mic and into my ear. I am instantly demoralized. Our team prides itself in WINNING. There’s a formula to winning. Strategy, discipline and skill. This is a war game. It may not be real war, but we treat it as such. When playing first person shooter games for Xbox 360 or any other platform, you have to.

But today, we have a girl on our team. How did she get in? Who invited her? I stay tight lipped. I am but a junior member of this outfit and I am in no position to question the higher ups. Still, I am perplexed by her presence and even more so by the apparent normalcy with which the rest of the squad treats this clearly unacceptable situation.  There must be a mistake. Maybe they can’t hear her. Maybe they don’t know she is here, running around guns blazing, looking like just one of the guys. How is she getting away with playing quite possibly the best shooter for xbox 360 with veteran, hardened gamers?

She is a Recon Soldier. She runs to a forward position and then runs back and keeps her distance. Figures. Out of all the shooter games for Xbox 360, why did she choose this one?

Fighters, Helos and Tanks are running rampant but I’m no longer listening to commands and warnings. I’m fixated and watching this curious outsider, blending in, as if nobody notices. But I notice and I will expose her. I’m watching her on my HUD map and I’m about to blow the whistle and let the chips fall where they may. Then it happens.battlefield 3

Enemy aircraft start exploding and helicopters wildly tumble out of control. Javelin missiles strike enemy tanks in a choreographed marvel, John Woo would be proud of.

Her voice returns. This time, it’s to call out instructions. They are delivered with authority and simplicity so much so that I can’t help but follow them.

I see the upper right hand corner as it indicates that she, one by one, snipes the enemy soldiers in my path, one shot one kill, style. Fresh enemy tanks arrive but the laser from the SOFLAM she deployed is rapidly targeting them, and the team is dispatching them just as quickly. I’m making a run for the M-Com Station. I’m going to set the charge. To my left and my right are my brothers but they start to fall in the hail of bullets.

I’m on my own. The only protection I have is the M98B held in the purposeful hands of this outsider and I’m running. Soon, I’m too far from her lead filled deliveries that had so efficiently cleared my path. Then I see it. A radio beacon close to the M-Com. My comrades start to fall from parachutes directly above me. They provide cover and one M-Com station is now gone.

It was she that had placed the radio beacon early on, allowing reinforcements to deploy. That is why she had run forward and then retreated. She was no coward, she was a tactician. She had made the Frogfoots, T-90’s, and Mi28’s easy targets for our Javelin wielding Engineers and she had cleared the path for my glorious, untouched RUSH to destiny. BF3 is possibly one of the best xbox 360 shooter games EVER, and I had encountered on that day, the best soldier EVER. And it was not a male.

The game went on but I could not. I sat, stared at the TV and marveled at what had happened. How could I question the skills of a fellow gamer based solely on an ignorant assumption. The term Gamer is not associated with age or gender; was what I had learned. I lost my internet connection and dropped out of the game. It was a good thing because I had realized I did not deserve to fight along side her. I haven’t seen her since, but if she would let me, I would follow her into Battlefield 3 battle any day.

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  • Seriously

    First: Play hardcore
    Second: People of all different types play video games. Even girls. In our clan we have people of all types. This is nothing worth writing a story about….

  • Ludos

    Thanks for your post. I posted this because not all gamers are great. Some are better than others. To see any gamer with such skill, I think is worth writing about. Even if in this article, the hero had been a guy, I think the skills displayed are worth writing about. It was awesome. Now add to that, it was a girl. It was just something I had not seen before. I’m not easily impressed, and this player impressed me, wether she had been a guy, an old man, or a 5 year old. Either way, it was a great gaming experience and in my humble opinion, worth sharing.

  • Bjamer

    What an amazing story! I loved it. I’ve been a gamer for decades but only picked up FPS just over a year ago. I adore Blackops but unfortunately, whenever I go online I am hit with the double-edge sword of nube/girl. I found most girls don’t play with the mic on. The boys/men less enlightened than you, never figure it out. It works. I’ve tried it and been ‘excused’ for many a new player mistake. But that’s not how I roll. Instead I play with mic on since the ‘team’ action is what I enjoy and then just move on to another game when the comments make it no longer fun. Bottom line…we all game for fun. No one has the power to take my fun away. There are way to many other games in my library. And I have met many girl FPS players like the one you experienced who rock the top spot every match! :)

  • Ludos

    Hey Bjamer. I really appreciate your feedback. I sometimes play without a mic too. In a lot of FPS Deatmatch games there’s a lot of ranting about nonsense and noise making. I’ll end up muting the player committing the offense but then I’m left wondering why I’m wearing all this headgear. In Strategy Games like R.U.S.E. I love using the mic. It’s almost critical in 2v2 matches.

    I imagine you are looking forward to Black Ops 2. Looks pretty good.

  • Keanu Ramirez

    This was beautifully written. When the climax of your story had hit, I think my heart started to rush a little. I am definitely going to play some Battlefield 3 later today now…and continue to fight for the team and not for myself. This post made my morning a little bit cooler lol.

  • Ludos

    That is awesome Keanu! Thanks for the comment! See you on the Battlefield!

  • SirMehr

    It’s good that you learned from this lesson and dropped your chauvinistic view of a male only world. Yes girls can play games, even war games. Not only that, I have stood side by side with many a girl when deployed overseas with the military. I can guarantee many of those girls would have no problem mopping the floor with the face of any of the male only egotistical gamers that claim girls cant keep up.

  • Morgan

    We have 3 female players in our clan, all are formidable players, and all are welcome. Our clan treats them no differently than our other members, because they’re just as good at playing with the team as the men in our clan. Glad to read that your opinions were changed by the player you refer to.

  • Sjampansee

    Well Ludos i don’t know where you have been man LOL. There are lots of girl gamers one better than the other. But they should be accepted into clans wether they are bad or good players (i mean clans that only play for fun should not nag about a bad player girl or guy). So yeah i was a bit suprised you were so taken by it. Anyway nice story if there could be a ROMAN about shooters this story could be in it…

  • Ludos

    Tell me about it! I know way better now. Dude I’ve got much respect for girl gamers. Did you mean to say romance when you said ROMAN.

  • Shari

    I find it funny that you have not run into a girl in online multiplayer until now, I run into other girls almost daily! Maybe it is just easier for me to spot them or something because I am usually in a party with friends so I don’t hear others on the mic.

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