Real Men Don’t Play Wii

The Nintendo Wii

It’s not about what system you bought, it’s about what system was never on the radar, the Nintendo Wii. Amen!

You can’t smoke and drink to Nintendo Wii games. Maybe you just got home from work, you don’t want to play Wii Fit, you’re looking for your couch. Cut that out!  Pass me my wireless controller, headset, and make me a sandwich! Remind me why I work so hard, to play that basketball game I like, no not that Wii Sports, get that out of my face. I don’t want to imagine myself as a generic human being with a basketball, I want to be King James! Put that NBA 2K-latest year on. Clearly the Wii was never created with me in mind. But why not? I grew up with Nintendo, and now they don’t want me.

The Wii Was Never In The Race

It was never a console war between three systems, the only competition I ever saw was PS3 or Xbox 360. Early in on the console wars whichever was cheapest was what I bought. Graphics and online planintendo wiiy for my favorite games, I don’t know much else. So if you bought an Xbox 360 you probably got raped by the Gold membership fees but chatting and finding friends was a breeze but hoped the ring of death plague didn’t hit you. And if you got the PS3 then you got raped from the get go, it cost a pretty penny for that shiny black piano finish. But the PS3 still had to have a Bluetooth headset just to chat, horrid friend navigation, and you know Blu-ray doesn’t look that good.

But forget all that, you’re happy with the system you got because you’re playing the games you want to play and having experiences you just don’t get on Nintendo’s white, glossy, apple product looking, goodie two shoes system. The Wii.

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  • Hidenseeq

    Having all three major consoles and a gaming PC, I just have to say they all have their merits and flaws. Most of which were fairly covered above. Now that Xbox and PS3 offer motion controls, I can’t find any reason to fire up the Wii. It has been punished by being forced to hang out in the children’s room. However, I did have many enjoyable hours and sore shoulders from Wii Tiger Woods Golf 10.

  • James Spencely

    found this on freeglance, it sure made me laugh!

  • Ludos

    LOL! Glad it gave you a chuckle!


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