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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 is the final chapter in Commander Shepard’s story and fight for survival against the Reapers. The animation is really beautiful and on a large scale. The Reapers are often bigger than a city’s skyscraper. As they approach they create scary loud sounds enough to make your speakers rattle. The Reapers have one intention, to destroy Earth. You play as Commander Shepard who  is one of the few people who knew the Reapers were coming.

Mass Effect 3Mass Effect 2 really brought out the potential of this hybrid genre that mass Effect 3 lives in. Strategy, action RPG, is the best way to describe it. But ultimately what matters is that it’s fun. Im In Mass Effect 3 your task: gather an army of fleets and bring their full force to bear on the Reapers and hopefully defeating them. Before you get all pumped up and start getting ready to kick Reaper butt, let us just say, this is a daunting task.

Very quickly you get the felling the task seems impossible because all you see is destruction. Slowly, though, things become more hopeful and it looks

Mass Effect 3 Reviewas if your important people will survive. Shepard never gives up and will always find a way to solve a problem. The game plays very smoothly with the characters’ motion ability greatly improved. The game also offers the feature of customizing weapons. This was previously not available. Also previously not available was the ability to use the Kinect to issue voice commands. A handy, but sometimes annoying feature. Mass Effect 3 is a very good game. No, it’s a great game with a great story and characters we love to play. It’s a very good shooter game if you like shooters. Mass Effect 3 is a very powerful video game experience that I would recommend for your game enjoyment. Happy Blasting as we help save the universe and win the war in Mass Effect 3!

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